Siam Tack was joint venture company with Thai shareholder and Japanese shareholde at ratio 51:49. It was establised in August 1995 with registered capital THB 30,000,000 (arond USD 860,000), We started the business from assembly cone paper, producing speaker injected part supplied Minebea company located in Ayudhaya province, Thailand. We received the know-how directly from Tanaka kogyo and our customer, Minebea. This is the best opportunity we learned and collected the experiences and make Siam tack stronger in this plastic injection service provider business.

Siam tack keeps going to expand the production capacity in order to extend our market in other business used plastic injected part such vehicle part, automotive part, mechanical part, electrical and electronic parts, cosmetic compact case, promotional items. We also invested the spray room, silk screen, pad printing (tempo pad), Hotstamp process, mirror cutting in variable shapes in order to serve one stop service for our value customer.

We are certified ISO standard by Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TSTRI). This is our strenght that we can supply injected parts and services to government sectors.

Company HIstory

Y 1955 Registered joint venture company with Tanaka Kogyo

Y 2000 Invested spray room

Y 2002 Invested printing facilities (silk screen, pad printing) and Hotstampling facilities

Y 2004 Certified ISO 9001 standard by TISTR

Y 2007 Chaged to Thai 100% shareholders

Y 2015 Changed company logo